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Sukkur, famous for tradition, culture, and Behaviour. Third capital city of province Sindh which has both the urban and rural communities living side by side. Moving forward with the modern world the city still hold it culture heritage & traditions multiple old tombs are still present within the city. 19th century Lansdowne bridge that spans the Indus river between the cities designed by sir Alexander Meadows Rendel.

Syed Nizamuddin Mir Muhammad Masoom Shah (Nawab of Sukkur) tomb “Mason Shah Jo Minaro” is also situated in the city with height 31 meter and width 26 meter it is also the tallest building of the city. Sateen jo Aastan is also located in the left bank of the river indus. Sukkur barrage constructed during the British Raj in 1932 used for flood control and irrigation system which also controls the water for river indus.