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Saudi Arabia condemns 15 to death for spying for Iran

RIYADH: A Saudi court on Tuesday sentenced 15 people to death for spying for the kingdom's rival Iran, local media and a source close to the case said, in a move likely to heighten regional tensions. The source told AFP that most of the 15 Saudis were members of the kingdom's Shia minority. Their trial opened in February, a month after Riyadh cut diplomatic ties with Tehran over the burning of the Saudi embassy and a consulate by Iranian demonstrators protesting the kingdom's execution of cleric Nimr al-Nimr. The most…

Gunmen kill two Saudi policeman

RIYADH: Unidentified gunmen killed two Saudi policemen in the eastern city of Dammam early on Tuesday, authorities in the region said. The officers came under "heavy fire from an unknown source" as they parked their vehicle in a commercial area, the official SPA news agency quoted a police spokesman as saying. The spokesman did not say who police suspected had carried out the shooting, the latest in a series of attacks on officers in mainly Shia areas of the oil-rich east of the kingdom. Two policemen were killed in a…