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In Pictures:The Top 20 Highest rated beaches of the world!

2 months, 16 days ago
Beach-Inspector has just released their winners of the best beaches in the world awards, based on tests conducted on more than 1,600 beaches on everything from water quality to beach infrastructure. The beach-rating website has unveiled…

The Universal Language of the Internet- EMOJI

3 months, 7 days ago
With World Emoji Day coming up on July 17‚ the team at HighSpeedInternet.com has released a study about the use of emojis and what they mean around the world. Generation gaps and confusion aside‚ the most popular emoji among…

Who needs football? Cricket has billion-plus fans, survey finds

3 months, 21 days ago
The football World Cup may be attracting viewers across the planet but cricket has a huge audience too, with a fanbase of more than a billion people, a major new survey says. The report, conducted by Nielsen Sports for the International…

India Ranked the most dangerous Country For women: Survey

3 months, 22 days ago
LONDON: India is the world’s most dangerous country for women due to the high risk of sexual violence and being forced into slave labor, according to a poll of global experts released on Tuesday. War-torn Afghanistan and Syria ranked…

Apple overtakes Samsung in shrinking smartphone market: survey

8 months, 15 days ago
WASHINGTON: Apple overtook Samsung in the fourth quarter as the largest smartphone producer in a declining global market for handsets, a research firm said Friday. A survey by research firm IDC showed Apple — which reported its quarterly…

Most people wake up doing these things, survey reveals

1 year, 28 days ago
Humans are curious to know about their surrounding and unique things. In a recent survey – intending to discover what is the first thing most people do in the morning on waking up – it was found that most people reach out for their phones.…