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Airbus tests self-flying taxi

Airbus said Friday that it had successfully held the first test flights of the Vahana, an electric, pilotless flying vehicle that it hopes will be able to ferry people around cities. The Wednesday flight at a test range in the US state…

Uber struggles to make inroads in Japan

TOKYO: Uber may be shredding business models for taxi firms the world over but it is struggling to make inroads in Japan, where risk-averse passengers prefer to stick to their high-quality traditional taxi service. Japan, with its…

Why the ‘last of the Bulgarians’ are all optimists

Stephan Komandarev's latest film started as a joke. "I was in a taxi talking to the driver when he asked me, 'Do you know why Bulgaria is the Land of Optimists?'" said Komandarev, who still laughs at the idea. "It's the Land of Optimists…