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Tehmina Durrani

Nawaz should have addressed nation instead of leading rally, says Durrani

LAHORE: As ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif embarked on Wednesday on a journey back to his hometown, Lahore, in cavalcade via the GT Road rally, Tehmina Durrani, the wife of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, did not seem to be in favour of the rally.  In a tweet, she said, "If I were to advise MNS (Mian Nawaz Sharif) sb, I Should have requested he address the nation instead of putting a most loyal bro, as CM Punjab in such a contradictory position," Ms Durrani said in another tweet. If I wr 2 advise MNS…

Few Pakistani novelist who have international recognition

Pakistan has produced some remarkable and renowned names in Urdu Literature from the very beginning of its birth. However ,the country always felt the need of writers for English Language but this need is over since some promising English writers have emerged on the forefront in last two decades.