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Tesla motors found in 2003 which is named after the physicists Nikola tesla. Elon Musk became the chairman of the board and lead investor a year later and helped the company raised 7.5 Million dollars in the first round of its funding. The first tesla was the roadster that use lithium ion battery cells and had a range greater than 200 miles per charge.

On the fifth birthday of Tesla, Elon Musk was made the CEO by this time Musk has invested 70 million dollars of his own money into the company. As CEO Musk announces the second Tesla, the model S which was the first electric luxury sedan.

The company faced many difficult time after becoming the America’s second public car manufacturer after Ford. batteries as being the expensive part of the machine in 2014 the company stated to manufacture lithium ion batteries on their own. The company has more than 50 thousand vehicles on the road and more than 419 supercharged stations.