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The Godfather

Cast of ‘The Godfather’ reunite for emotional 45th anniversary

NEW YORK: Al Pacino was considered too short, Marlon Brando was required to do a screen test, and director Francis Ford Coppola was almost fired. The director and cast of "The Godfather" reminisced on Saturday in a 45th anniversary reunion in New York about the trials, perseverance and inspiration that resulted in the Oscar-winning Mafia movies. Coppola, Pacino, Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, James Caan, Talia Shire and Robert Duvall watched back-to-back screenings of "The Godfather" (1972) and "The Godfather: Part II"…

Eight movies that Bollywood ripped off from Hollywood

Bollywood must come up with originality! Here are 8 Hollywood films which the Indian film industry's directors and producers copied blatantly and shamelessly! 1. Ghajini/Memento¬† Remember Aamir Khan's buffed up look in Ghajini? The loss of memory and his path of vengeance against the criminal Ghajini? You might have been impressed with the not-so-photographic memory of Aamir Khan. In reality, the movie was heavily inspired and copied from the Hollywood film 'Memento'. Guy Pierce also suffers from the…

‘The Empire Strikes Back’ voted as the Greatest Movie of All Time ¬† ¬†

KARACHI: Fifth episode of the Star Wars franchise "The Empire Strikes Back" has been voted as the greatest film of all time, ARY News reports. According to an American magazine, The Empire Strikes Back was voted as the greatest film ever in a survey. Gangster film The Godfather came second whereas The Dark Knight, second instalment in the Batman Dark Knight trilogy, was at number three. The Shawshank Redemption was at No.4 whereas Pulp Fiction was voted at No.5. Star Wars: A New Hope came in at No.6 while Lord of the…