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The Lancet

New study says 9 lifestyle changes can cut dementia risk

PARIS: One third of dementia cases can be prevented with some basic lifestyle changes and better education during childhood, a study published in The Lancet said Thursday. Nearly 50 million people around the world suffer from dementia and Alzheimer's according to the latest estimates. This figure could balloon to 132 million by 2050. The nine factors which damage the brain notably include hearing loss, obesity and smoking, the study found. "Our results suggest that around 35 percent of dementia is attributable to a…

Living close to major roads increases dementia risk: study

LONDON: People living near major roads have a higher chance of developing dementia, according to a large-scale study published in British medical journal The Lancet on Thursday. The research looked at six million adults living in Ontario, Canada between 2001 and 2012, and found that those living less than 50 metres (yards) from a busy road had a seven per cent higher incidence of dementia. The risk was four per cent above normal for those living 50-100 metres from main roads and two per cent higher among those 100-200…