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The Mall

Lahore’s Mall Road opens after five days as young doctors end sit-in

LAHORE: After successful negotiations between protesting young doctors and the Mayo Hospital administration on Saturday, Mall Road has been opened after 19 days of protest and five days of a sit-in. Earlier today, their protest lost its impact after police forced them and a group of protesting water board management employees to move from the area, clearing a way for the locals to resume their normal activities after four days of annoyance. The demonstrators later fixed their camps near the Government Officers…

Three dead as young doctors’ sit-in enters fourth day in Lahore

LAHORE: At least three patients including a girl child lost their lives due to an ongoing young doctors’ sit-in on The Mall of the walled city which entered its fourth day on Friday. The 18th day of the young doctors’ strike followed by a sit-in after the provincial government officials failed to give an ear to their issues has been taking a heavy toll on the already distressed patients. However, after three patients died due to continued negligence and stubbornness of the young doctors, the government official on…