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Celebrities, world leaders send out Eid greetings

The Muslims celebrated the joyous occasion of Eid ul Fitr in different parts of the world, including Saudi Arabia and several other Middle East countries along with UK, France, Indonesia and Belgium. World leaders, celebrities, and other…

British PM seeks EU backing on spy attack

British Prime Minister Theresa May will seek to unite EU leaders in condemnation of Moscow over the poisoning of a former Russian spy, but she faces resistance from states keen to protect their Kremlin ties.

Five key points from May’s Brexit speech

LONDON: British Prime Minister Theresa May called on Friday for a wide-ranging free trade deal with the EU after Brexit, but said it was time to face up to "hard facts" about the economic consequences of leaving the bloc. May's…

Brexit dogs May as she eyes ‘golden era’ with China

BEIJING: Prime Minister Theresa May touted on Wednesday a "golden era" of Sino-British relations with deeper trade ties after Britain leaves the European Union, but her visit to Beijing was dogged by a Brexit row at home. As she embarked…