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Thief ‘Hypnotizes’, Kidnaps, Robs 15-Year-Old

MUMBAI: A man allegedly 'hypnotized' Anurag, kidnapped him and then robbed him of his gold ornaments. According to Anurag, around 4 pm on Saturday, he left Global hospital, where his father is getting treated for dengue, with his aunt…

Thief snatches mobile phone from 4-year-old

HANOI, Vietnam: A thief in Vietnam was caught on camera snatching a mobile phone from the hands of a four-year-old toddler. As the little one, mounted on a bike continues to play on the smartphone, a man is seen hovering around. And even…

Thief hides in suitcase, robs passengers’ bus baggage

LILLE, FRANCE: It was a mystery that had police puzzled for a while: a rash of thefts reported by passengers who had taken the 75-minute bus trip between Paris and Beauvais airport. An eagle-eyed driver has been credited with helping…