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Russia see Egypt as biggest World Cup threat

4 months ago
One of the architects of Russia's World Cup bid thinks the host nation's upcoming clash against Mohamed Salah's Egypt will be their most important of the group stage. Russia are coming off a rousing 5-0 opening match win over Saudi…

Putin tells Europe on US trade threat: ‘I told you so’

4 months, 10 days ago
MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that he had warned European countries years ago about the risk of the United States imposing its rules on others, and that they were now paying the price for ignoring him.…

Hawaii faces new threat of fumes from volcano’s lava

4 months, 27 days ago
PAHOA, Hawaii: Hawaii faced a new hazard on Sunday as lava flows from Kilauea’s volcanic eruption could produce clouds of acid fumes, steam and glass-like particles as they reach the Pacific, authorities said. Civil defense notices…

India’s attitude threat to regional peace and stability: FO

8 months, 30 days ago
ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal on Thursday said India's confrontational attitude and huge arms build up is a threat to regional peace and stability and may lead to strategic miscalculation. "Indian falsified…

India’s winning run under threat from South African green tops

9 months, 15 days ago
CAPE TOWN: India’s long winning streak in test cricket is under threat in a quick-fire three match series against South Africa this month, where their status as the top ranked nation in the format faces a stiff examination. Virat Kohli’s…