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Iran Revolutionary Guards threaten to avenge military parade attack

DUBAI: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards vowed on Sunday to wreak “deadly and unforgettable” vengeance for a shooting attack on a military parade that killed 25 people, including 12 of their comrades, and Tehran accused Gulf Arab states of backing the gunmen. Saturday’s assault, one of the worst ever against the elite force of the Islamic Republic, struck a blow at its security establishment. “Considering (the Guards’) full knowledge about the centers of deployment of the criminal terrorists’ leaders..., they will face a…

Humans threaten crucial ‘fossil’ groundwater: study

ALBERTA, Canada: Human activity risks contaminating pristine water locked underground for millennia and long thought impervious to pollution, said a study Tuesday that warned of a looming threat to the crucial resource. Even at depths of more than 250 metres (820 feet) under the Earth's surface, so-called "fossil" groundwater -- more than 12,000 years old -- has been found to contain traces of present-day rainwater, they said. This suggests that deep wells, believed to bring only unsullied, ancient water to the…

Intelligent robots threaten millions of jobs

WASHINGTON: Advances in artificial intelligence will soon lead to robots that are capable of nearly everything humans do, threatening tens of millions of jobs in the coming 30 years, experts warned Saturday.

Shiv Sena threatens Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar

MUMBAI: Soon after storming the Indian cricket board headquarters to disrupt meeting between Pakistani officials with their Indian counterparts, the hardline Shiv Sena activists have threatened Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar to stay away from officiating ODI South Africa-India ODI match in Mumbai.

Resurgent Taliban threaten to overrun another Afghan city

GHAZNI: Fighting flared in eastern Afghanistan Monday as Taliban insurgents threatened to storm another provincial capital, two weeks after their lightning capture of northern Kunduz city which marked their biggest military victory in 14 years.