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three arrested

Three cell phone snatching gang members arrested in Karachi

KARACHI: The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) personnel have arrested a gang involved in cell phone snatching in Karachi. According to ARY News, three operatives of Jabbar Langra gang have been captured, involved in mobile phone snatching in Karachi. The snatched phones were sent to Iran for sale, CTD officials said. According to officials, three accused involved in street crimes in Karachi have been arrested, who were involved in over 100 street crimes. They have confessed to sell cheeper cell phones in…

Indian police arrest three over sex assault video

NEW DELHI: Three men have been arrested after video emerged showing them assaulting two women in broad daylight as a dozen others looked on and ignored their screams for help, police said Monday. The blurry video aired by Indian television showed the men groping and pushing the women in Uttar Pradesh state as onlookers laughed and filmed the assault, later posting it on social media. The incident took place last week in a remote village in Rampur district when the men surrounded the two women, whose ages and identities…