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VIDEO: Indian traffic policeman throws shoe at bikers for not wearing helmets

NEW DELHI:  An Indian traffic constable has been suspended after he was caught in a video throwing a shoe at two bikers for not wearing a helmet. The constable in question was captured on camera in a video uploaded by a Bengaluru-based YouTuber which went viral. The video, uploaded on YouTube last week, shows two traffic police officials waiting on the side of the road. When they spot two bikers passing by without wearing helmets, one of the cops is seen taking off his shoe and aiming at the errant riders. The men try…

Venezuelans prepare fecal cocktails to throw at security forces

CARACAS: Venezuela's opposition protests on Wednesday may be the messiest in a six-week wave of unrest as demonstrators prepare to throw feces at security forces, adding to the customary rocks, petrol bombs and tear gas. The new tactic has been dubbed the "Poopootov" in a play on the Molotov cocktails often seen at streets protests in Venezuela. "They have gas; we have excrement," reads an image floating around social media to advertise Wednesday's "Shit March." With inflation in the high triple-digits, shortages of…

Protesters throw Ukrainian lawmaker in trash

KIEV: Dozens of angry protesters near the Ukrainian parliament seized a prominent opposition deputy on Tuesday and dumped him in a trash container, accusing him of failing to back laws to end the turbulence in the country.