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Female zookeeper mauled by a tiger in front of visitors

11 months, 12 days ago
MOSCOW: A horrific attack on a female zookeeper by a Siberian tiger in Russia was caught on camera with all visitors sighting the terrible moment. The animal sprang on the woman as she brought the 16-year-old male food, without realizing…

India man-eating tiger dies after being electrocuted

1 year, 3 days ago
NEW DELHI: A tiger which killed four villagers in central India has died after being electrocuted, an official said Sunday, ending a hunt by armed rangers for the beast. A court in Maharashtra state issued a shoot-to-kill order Friday…

WATCH: Tiger causes panic in Italian city after escaping circus

1 year, 8 months ago
ROME: A tiger caused mass panic in an Italian city after it escaped a circus cage and entered a town with home to 38,000 people. Locals couldn’t believe their eyes as the white feline, called Oscar, perched outside of a block of flats in…

Duck takes on Sumatran tiger in hilarious video

1 year, 8 months ago
MELBOURNE: A wild duck took on a male Sumatran tiger at Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia in what is being termed as a gutsy game of Marco Polo. The duck impresses every viewer with its amazing skills of dodging a tiger in the most…

VIDEO: Tiger runs back moments after charging at elephant

1 year, 10 months ago
JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK, India: A tiger in northern India was caught on camera charging aggressively at an elephant, only to change his mind once it got a good look at its intended prey's size. The video, recorded Nov. 17 in Jim…

Woman mauled by tiger to sue Beijing wildlife park

2 years, 4 days ago
BEIJING: A woman who was mauled by a tiger after getting out of her car at a wild animal park in Beijing is suing the park, saying she hadn't been fully informed of the park's dangers and left the vehicle because she was carsick, a Chinese…