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India minister turns on own party over killing of man-eating tiger

DELHI: An Indian cabinet minister accused a party colleague Sunday of ordering the "ghastly murder" of a tiger and vowed legal action after the man-eating animal was shot in the country's west. The big cat blamed for killing more than a dozen people was shot dead Friday night after a months-long search, capping one of India’s most high-profile tiger hunts in decades. But the shooting in the forests of Maharashtra state sparked immediate controversy and allegations the kill was unethical and illegal. Maneka Gandhi, a…

Tiger Zinda Hai??? Police stand-off with stuffed tiger triggers new series of jokes

A frightened farmer in north-east Scotland spotted a might tiger resting on his farm, and called the police to the situation until they realised that there were in for huge embarrassment Police reached the location and tried various ways to combat the dangerous situation, but were left dumbstruck after a “45-minute stand-off with the tiger” when they realised that it was just a stuffed toy. The farmer had gone to check his cows and discovered a tiger in the shed. The pictures of the tiger were circulated on social…

VIDEO: Man loses his fingers while trying to feed tiger with bare hands

It’s always advised to exercise extreme caution while feeding a tiger or any other big cat. Even when they are caged. But a Chinese man tempted fate by demonstrating braveness out of carelessness. An elderly man in China paid a heavy price after he tried to feed a caged tiger. In a painful video that’s gone viral from China’s Henan county, a circus tiger bit into a man’s hand when he put it inside the cage to feed the big cat. The footage shows the man trying to feed not one but two tigers locked in the separate…