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Five Ways to Reduce Fat Intake

Fat is an essential macronutrient used in the body for energy. Because the word fat is used to describe unsightly weight as well as a nutrient, it is mistakenly blamed for weight gain.

Five Tips to build Muscles

Most people are not blessed with the ability to lose weight and gain muscle very quickly. Yes, genetics plays a big part in this, but they aren’t crucial.

Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee may be one of the things you do every day in winter. But did you know that aside from its delectable taste and aroma, it can also help your body in some ways? Read on to find out the benefits that your body is getting just…

Five Tips for Winter Hair Care

Winter, a season when the temperatures continue to drop and the days seem to get darker and darker…a season that brings cold, snow and to a lucky few, a break from work or school…a season of whacky flus that you would never want to strike…