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Toba Tek Singh

Toba Tek Singh was named after a religious Sikh figure whose name was Tek Singh he was a very humble and kind hearted person who used to sit around a sweet water well and provide water and shelter to the people travelling from Delhi to Kabul.

after seeing his love and respect for humanity the first ever railway station build in the town was also named after him. During 1896 Zila Lyallpur was recognized as a Tehsil and added to Jhang district later in 1900 Lyallpur was divided into two town committees samundri and Toba Tek Singh.

After three decade Lyallpur again was recognized in Zila and the town was declared as a Tehsil and was added into Lyallpur. During 1982 it was declared Zila and further divided into three Tehsil Kamalia, Gojra and Toba Tek Singh.

The city consists of an area of 3,259 km2. The town has multiple archeological sites including one of the oldest mosque in town. The city is also famous for its contributions towards national sports the city had produced finest hockey and football players.

PTI’s Sonia Ali loses PP-123 seat to PML-N contestant after vote recount

TOBA TEK SINGH: A candidate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) suffered a setback after vote recount and lost her seat to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz contestant in PP-123 Toba Tek Singh-VI. PTI’s Sonia Ali lost the seat by just a meager margin of 17 votes to Pir Qutab Ali Shah of PML-N. The returning officer (RO) of PP-123, Shehwar Amin Wahga, has issued Form 49 for the constituency which tabulates consolidated results. The Lahore High Court (LHC) had ordered a recount in the Punjab Assembly constituency of PP-123…

Five die after drinking toxic liquor in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Five people lost their lives after drinking toxic liquor in Peshawar's  on Wednesday, ARY News reported. The condition of five people, which included four members of a single family, living in slums along railway lines deteriorated after consuming toxic liquor in Peshawar. Four people identified as Nasir, Qaisar, Victor and Kamal died on the spot whereas another victim named Raja passed away in a hospital during treatment. The bodies were handed over to the victims after procedures. Heart wrenching scenes…

Two human traffickers arrested from Punjab

TOBA TEK SINGH/LAHORE: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested two suspected human traffickers during separate raids in Punjab and recovered Rs. 0.3 million, ARY News reported. The suspects named Junaid and Naveed had tricked a person named Saeed, a native of Toba Tek Singh, into giving Rs. 0.3 million for an employment opportunity in African country of Libya. Saeed did not get the job nor his money back after the payment. FIA, after receiving information of the incident, arrested Naveed from Toba Tek Singh and…

Suspects held after Christmas moonshine death toll rises to 43

TOBA TEK SINGH: Police on Wednesday caught three men accused of preparing home-made liquor mixed with ‘aftershave’ that so far killed 43 people including a fourth suspect after they consumed the toxic brew on Christmas Eve. More than a hundred people were also sickened in the incident, one of the country's deadliest cases of mass alcohol poisoning, which happened in a Christian neighbourhood in the town of Toba Tek Singh some 340 kilometres (211 miles) south of Islamabad. "Four people have been identified who prepared…

Toba Tek Singh toxic liquor death toll soars to 42

TOBA TEK SINGH: The death toll of the people who consumed toxic liquor in Toba Tek Singh on Christmas Eve reached to 42 as police has claimed arrest of the key accused of the incident, ARY News reported on Wednesday. The incident happened in Mubarakabad, a Christian locality in Toba Tek Singh town of Punjab, over 200 miles in south of the capital city of Islamabad. Local police has claimed arresting the key accused of the deadly incident Sawan Maseeh. The accused said to be a sweeper working at Chattiana police…

Toxic liquor kills 26 in Toba Tek Singh

TOBA TEK SINGH: The death toll of the people who consumed toxic liquor in Toba Tek Singh on Christmas Eve reached to 26 as two more victims died in the central Punjab city, police officials said. Around 40 people affected and scores of them said to be in a critical condition, officials said on Tuesday. The incident happened at a Christian colony in Toba Tek Singh town of Punjab, over 200 miles in south of capital city of Islamabad. Scores of persons said to be in a precarious condition. "Residents in Mubarakabad…