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Social media activists launch tomato boycott campaign as its price skyrockets

After successful fruit boycott campaign in Ramazan, social media activists have launched tomato boycott campaign now following exorbitant hike in its price lately, ARY News reported. The tomato price skyrocketed on the first day of Eid-ul-Adha and now its price ranges from Rs160 to Rs250 in different parts of Karachi and many other cities. Social media activists came up with the idea of repeating boycott campaign as the sky-high prices profoundly perturbed the citizens. Some people are sharing posts requesting…

Prices of chicken, tomato, garlic go up in major cities

KARACHI: Inflation gains momentum across Pakistan as abrupt price hike has been witnessed in different food products including chicken, tomato, potato, onion and garlic. Profiteers have made their desired hike in prices of chicken. Chicken is being sold for up to Rs400 per kg contrary to the price of Rs200/kg set by the government. The price of tomatoes rose by 59 percent in the last month, according to the Bureau of Statistics. It is being sold from Rs115/kg to Rs150/kg in different cities. Prices of green chilly,…

Tomato rate fixed at Rs136

Karachi: The Commissioner of Karachi on Thursday enhanced wholesale and retail rates of tomato to Rs130 and Rs136, respectively, from Rs61 and Rs66 per kg on Wednesday. When tomato‚Äôs retail price rose to Rs160 per kg on Monday, its official rate was Rs63 per kg. Consumers said that there was no justification of charging Rs160 per kg for low quality unripe tomatoes. Former Chairman of All-Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association Waheed Ahmed said onion export has become unfeasible at over…