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No rush to topple May’s government, says opposition finance chief McDonnell

LONDON: Britain’s opposition Labour Party is in no rush to topple Prime Minister Theresa May’s government over Brexit, the party’s finance policy chief John McDonnell told Reuters on Wednesday. McDonnell, the man who would become Chancellor if Labour are able to capitalise on a crisis of confidence in May’s leadership and form their own government, said the party wanted to first take a look at what more May can negotiate in Brussels. “We are not rushing a vote of no confidence by any means,” McDonnell said in an…

Tahirul Qadri: from preacher to politico and back again

LAHORE: A year after leading major street protests aimed at toppling the Pakistani government, populist preacher Tahir-ul-Qadri says he has turned back to religion, but remains prepared to re-launch his "revolution" when the time is right.