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6-year-old secretly orders $350 worth of toys off Amazon

2 months, 5 days ago
Like their first smile, their first steps, their first laugh, a child’s first scam is something a parent will cherish forever. In most cases, a kid’s first scam is entirely amateur, albeit adorable, like stealing cookies from the cookie…

Toys R Us founder dies as iconic retail chain folds

6 months, 27 days ago
LOS ANGELES: The founder of the embattled Toys R Us chain of children's stores died on Thursday, a week after the company announced the end of its operations in the United States. "There have been many sad moments for Toys R Us in recent…

All Toys “R” Us shops to shut in Britain

7 months, 5 days ago
LONDON: Toys “R” Us stores will disappear from Britain’s shopping streets within six weeks, joint administrators for the retailer said on Wednesday, announcing plans to close the group’s remaining 75 shops. The administrators said in a…

Toys’R’Us winds down business

7 months, 19 days ago
The British arm of troubled retailer Toys'R'Us is winding down its activities, administrators said Wednesday, as the US firm faces pressure from rival stores and online giant Amazon. It means up to 3,200 jobs are at risk and comes as…

Second-hand plastic toys pose serious risk to kids: study

8 months, 7 days ago
LONDON: Children who play with second-hand plastic toys may be exposed to unsafe levels of chemicals like lead and cadmium that have been linked to developmental problems and organ damage, a UK study suggests. For the study, researchers…

Toys ‘R’ Us seeks bankruptcy to survive retail upheaval

1 year, 1 month ago
Toys ‘R’ Us, the largest US toy store chain, which filed for bankruptcy late Monday, will ask a judge on Tuesday for permission to borrow money so that it can start paying suppliers to ensure it has Lego building blocks and Barbie dolls for…