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Traffic pollution

Even low levels of traffic pollution tied to heart damage

LONDON: People exposed to even low levels of air pollution are more likely to develop structural changes in the heart that can be a precursor to heart failure, a UK study suggests. While exposure to air pollution has long been linked to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, less is known about how pollutants might alter the structure and function of the heart, the study team writes in Circulation. Researchers looked at data on exposure to traffic-related air pollution and results from heart MRIs for 3,920…

Traffic pollution tied to low-birth-weight risk: study

NEW YORK: Air pollution, but not traffic noise, appears to be linked to an increased risk of having low-birth-weight babies, reports a new study from the UK. Previous studies have tied road traffic air pollution to low birth weight. Road traffic produces noise as well as pollution, but studies of noise pollution have had conflicting results, say the authors. “We know that noise is associated with adverse health effects, e.g. sleep disruption, increased blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease, so it could plausibly…