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100 million-year-old spider with a tail found trapped in amber

Two teams of scientists on Monday unveiled a "missing-link" species of spider with a scorpion-like tail found perfectly preserved in amber in Southeast Asia's forests after at least 100 million years. In studies published side-by-side in Nature Ecology and Evolution, one team argued that male sex organs and silk thread-producing teats link the creature to living spiders. The other team pointed to the long tail and a segmented body to argue that Chimerarachne yingi belongs instead to a far more ancient and extinct…

Four labourers trapped in Thatta coal mine; 2 dead

THATTA: The bodies of two labourers of the total four who were trapped in a coal mine in Thatta have been recovered, ARY News reported Monday. The incident occurred in a coal mine in Jhimpir where labourers working in a mine trapped beneath debris. Rescue teams were immediately called in to the site. The rescue officials pulled out bodies of the two labourers, however search for the other two was still underway. Those who were injured in the incident were shifted to a local hospital in Thatta.