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Building schools out of trash? Rubina Shakeel shows us when there is a will, there is a way

Lahore: Rubina Shakeel, the woman who decided to give back all that she thought she owed to her country. Having being sent abroad for studies on scholarship by the government, Rubina thought that if our government is poor and can’t educate everyone, she needs to play her part. “Since childhood, I have had this wish that I want to do something for this country. When I got done with my studies I realized that there are many children around me who are living without education. 17 years ago, I started this journey from my…

China´s waste import ban upends global recycling industry

BEIJING: For years China was the world´s top destination for recyclable trash, but a ban on certain imports has left nations scrambling to find new dumping grounds for growing piles of garbage. The decision was announced in July and came into force on January 1, giving companies from Europe to the United States barely six months to look for other options, and forcing some to store rubbish in parking lots. In China, some recycling companies have had to lay off staff or shut down due to the lost business. The ban bars…

Protesters throw Ukrainian lawmaker in trash

KIEV: Dozens of angry protesters near the Ukrainian parliament seized a prominent opposition deputy on Tuesday and dumped him in a trash container, accusing him of failing to back laws to end the turbulence in the country.