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travel restrictions

Tit for Tat: Pakistan also imposes Travel Restrictions on US diplomats

ISLAMABAD: Soon after following the implementation of U.S restrictions on Pakistani diplomats, the Foreign Ministry on Friday announced ‘reciprocal’ travel restrictions on U.S. diplomats. Pakistani authorities sent a letter to the U.S embassy in Islamabad notifying them about the travel restrictions on the movement of U.S. diplomats in the country. The restrictions on U.S. diplomats are applicable from Friday (today), according to the ministry’s notification. Other than travelling limitation, rest of the measures…

US urges citizens to ‘reconsider travel plans’ to Pakistan

WASHINGTON: The United States unveiled a way to warn its citizens about the dangers of foreign travel Wednesday, with a four-point safety ranking system for countries and an interactive world map. Ten war zones and failed states are ranked Level Four, "Do Not Travel": Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Pakistan has been put in Level 3, and the State Department has urged US citizens to reconsider their plans to visit the country. "Reconsider travel…

Dubai halts 90-day travel visa for Pakistanis, Filipinos

DUBAI: Dubai’s immigration authorities have ended provision of 90-day tourist visas to Pakistanis and Filipinos from June 1. A memo has been issued by Dubai Immigration to all travel agencies, instructing them to decline applications  seeking a 90-day tourist visa by nationals of two countries. However, all applications filed before June 1, 2017 would still be valid besides all those who were already issued 90-day visa, the memo added. According to travel agents in Dubai, it is not certain whether it is a temporary…