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Alia Bhatt tells how she triggers social media jokes

Alia Bhatt is the daughter to legendary Indian filmmaker and the star who has rapidly evolved into an actor. She recently appeared on Rajat Sharma's ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ and shared many interesting life stories. The beguiling young actress had the cutest reaction when asked about viral memes and trolls about her on social media for her silly acts.  Sharma asked if she deliberately created controversies, to which she very cutely replied in negative. Then, he said every big film star wants himself to remain in news for…

Young girl’s rape triggers more angry protests in India

NEW DELHI: Protests erupted in Andhra Pradesh over the rape of a nine-year-old girl, as anger over the failure of police to stem a series of sex attacks on children boiled over. Reported rape cases in India have climbed steadily over recent years to around 40,000 in 2016, or about 100 a day, with many more believed to go unreported. Child rape accounts for about 40 percent of the reported cases. A mob blocked highways on Thursday and sat on railway tracks near Guntur demanding public punishment for a rickshaw puller…

US ban on sales to ZTE triggers patriotic rhetoric in China

HONG KONG: A US ban on sales of American components to ZTE has unleashed a patriotic backlash in China’s cyberspace, highlighting the growing tension between the world’s two largest economies. The United States this week imposed a ban on American companies selling parts and software to ZTE for seven years, saying it had broken a settlement agreement with repeated false statements - a move that threatens to cut off the Chinese firm’s supply chain. Sympathy for ZTE has swept Chinese social media while most domestic…

Fresh Nepal earthquake kills dozens, triggers panic

KATHMANDU: A fresh 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on Tuesday, killing more than two dozen people in the Himalayan country and neighboring states, as many buildings already weakened by a much bigger quake last month were brought down.