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Trump’s Transition Team

Trump builds team of wealthy bosses to shake up Washington

WASHINGTON: With more than 20 nominees now selected, Donald Trump’s cabinet appears much like the president-elect himself: mostly older, white males, many of them wealthy, who see themselves as risk-takers and deal-makers and prize action over deliberation. Trump, who says Washington is "broken" and controlled by special interests, has largely eschewed technocrats with long government experience. Instead, he has built a team of bosses. Trump's roster of agency heads and advisers conspicuously lacks intellectuals,…

Trump’s team confirms “productive” not flowery chat with PM Sharif

NEW YORK: After all the confusion and media debate over Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s “candid and flowery conversation” with the United States President-elect Donald J. Trump, the latter’s transition team confirmed a “productive talk” between the two leaders. “President-elect Trump and the Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif spoke today and had a productive conversation about how the United States and Pakistan will have a strong working relationship in the future,” said Trump’s transition team in a readout of…