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Facebook to prioritize ‘trustworthy’ news based on surveys

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook will prioritize “trustworthy” news in its feed of social media posts, using member surveys to identify high-quality outlets and fight sensationalism and misinformation, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Friday. The company, which has more than 2 billion monthly users, said its members, not experts or Facebook executives, would determine how news outlets rank in terms of trustworthiness. It also said it would put an emphasis on local news sources. The move is likely to send shockwaves…

Android users more trustworthy, honest than iPhone owners: study

LONDON: Technological gadgets have captured our lives in way that even describe what personality traits we actually possess. A new study suggests that iPhone users don’t come across favourably comparing to those having Android phones. The iPhone owners actually have lower levels of honesty-humility – a personality measure that includes sincerity, honesty, faithfulness, loyalty and modesty, says a study. More than 500 participants answered questions about themselves and their attitudes to their smartphones for…