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For tsar’s great-grandson, Russia needs a strong leader

ZURICH: A century after the October Revolution that ended his family’s three-century reign of Russia, Hans Georg Yourievsky believes the country needs a tough leader. But -- for now at least -- it is not a role for him, the last living great-grandson of a Russian emperor. Yourievsky, born and raised in Switzerland, traces his line to Tsar Alexander II, the reformer known as the Liberator for freeing Russia’s serfs, modernizing the legal system and pushing for a constitution that would introduce democracy to Russia.…

The portrait of Russia’s last tsar was hidden for 100 years

SAINT PETERSBURG: Russian art restorers on Friday unveiled a recently discovered portrait of the last Tsar Nicholas II, almost a century after it was hidden behind a giant painting of his Bolshevik foe Lenin. A team of art restorers led by Tatiana Potseluyeva painstakingly uncovered the tsar's image over the last three years. The portrait of Nicholas -- shot by the Bolsheviks in 1918 -- was hidden under a layer of water-soluble paint, suggesting it was meant to be preserved and eventually found. "The ceremonial…