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Salman’s ‘Tubelight’ fails at the box office, disappoints director

It’s very rare of Bollywood star Salman Khan to fail to make it big at the Box Office, but when it happens it leaves a mark to remember. Filmmaker Kabir Khan's latest Tubelight, which released in June, failed to impress critics and movie-goers and also tanked at the box office. The filmmaker told news agency PTI it's 'dishearting' when a film fails. "I am disappointed. You make a film with a lot of love and conviction and if it doesn't do well the way it was expected to do, it's disheartening," he told PTI. Kabir…

VIRAL VIDEO: Fans set off crackers during Salman’s Tubelight screening inside cinema hall

Craze of fans for their stars arguably is not circumscribed, but when it takes to unimaginable heights, it becomes difficult for one to overlook. If we talk specifically, Salman-starrer Tubelight didn’t live up to the expectations and got somewhat poor reviews by film critics, the fans of Bollywood’s Sallu Bhai didn’t deter from going to the cinema hall to watch the movie. At a theatre in Malegaon, where Tubelight was being screened, some fans crossed limits to show their love for the superstar. A gang of boys burst…

Uncertainty over Salman’s “Tubelight” release in Pakistan

MUMBAI/KARACHI: Salman Khan has got a huge fan following in Pakistan and arguably one of the biggest markets for his films, but release of an upcoming flick starring Dabang Khan in the country may hit snags. Pakistan Film Exhibitors Association Chairman Zohraiz Lashari told an Indian news agency PTI that "pricing issue" is a hurdle in importing "Tubelight". "They are asking for a big price to import 'Tubelight' (in Pakistan)," he said. On whether the film will get the censor board approval, he said, "I don't see…