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Umer Sharif

Celebrities demand Hilal-i-Imtiaz for comedy legend Umer Sharif

KARACHI: The man who immortalized comedy with his outstanding wit, and the one who made his audiences smile gently and laugh uproariously numerous times, deserved to be honoured with coveted civil award Hilal-i-Imtiaz. This pressing demand was made by showbiz celebrities and prominent sports figures for none other than the great Umer Sharif. The celebrities had gathered at Karachi Gym Khana for ceremony of a book titled Hamay Tum say payar ha”, to eulogise Umer Sharif’s immense artistic talent and services for the…

Umer Sharif’s hospital to be inaugurated soon

KARACHI: The construction of 200-bed hospital being built by famed Pakistani comedian Umer Sharif in city’s Orangi Town area will be inaugurated soon. ‘The Maa Hospital’ will treat patients free-of-charge, said Mr. Sharif while addressing a presser at the under-construction hospital today. Sharif, who enjoys global fame for his versatility in comedy, underlined that the hospital will play vital role in treating women patients. He said a separate space has been allocated at the hospital for artists who are not…

Obscenity and vulgarity has ruined theatre: Umer Sharif

Theatre is one of the antique ways of performing art, evidences of its presence can be found from the Ancient Greek era. Once theatre in Pakistan was at its peak and performance of Pakistani artists not only was appreciated by the people of Pakistan but neighboring countries including India. But, unfortunately with the passage of time it started to decline, the main reason behind its downfall is the replacement of dramas consisting of stories providing rather stronger message to the audience with its vulgar dialogues and…