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10 GIFs that might make you rethink ‘genuineness’ of the WWE fights

World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the popular wrestling event’ followed worldwide, and most of its superstars enjoy a huge fan-base, even more than that of sporting figures in some cases. But does it really what it appears to be in the fights? It’s a long-running debate whether WWE fights are altogether scripted, but all the fans don’t like the idea of questioning the ‘genuineness’ of the game – reason being the debate might die down their excitement. Not too many years ago, a script of WWE Raw in 2014 was leaked…

Here’s how WWE legend ‘The Undertaker’ looks like outside the ring

World Wrestling Entertainment icon Undertaker’s career has spanned more than 25 years. But considering his age and other factors, 2017 has slated to be his last year in the wrestling with no surprise return, to say the least. The possibility of the Undertaker’s eventual retirement has been a topic for discussion for several years. While the Undertaker continued to mount up wins at WrestleMania and his work schedule decreased, many thought an eventual loss would have led to retirement. And that happened in the last…

WWE legend The Undertaker ‘retires’ in style

Light goes off, flames lit up, then out of nowhere a man wearing a long raincoat and a round hat appears amid thick smoke and nobody doubts that this is The Undertaker. Mark William Calaway alias The Undertaker has ruled the wrestling world and hearts of his fans for about 27 years. His career with WWE seems to have finally come to an end after 27 years. This came to understand after he lost to Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 33. He was known as 'the first world champion to have no last name'. The…

10 scariest WWE superstars of all time!

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has always provided wonderful and, at times, fearful gimmicks. There have been superstar gimmicks ranging from a 'Deadman' to a snake loving freak to a scary clown and a red masked machine.