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Musical instrument unveiled for unborn babies

OTTAWA: A wearable electronic device has been unveiled by Canadian researchers for women expecting a child and the device is dubbed as "world's first prenatal musical instrument." Aura Pon, who received her PhD in music technology this month from the University of Calgary, and colleague Johnty Wang, who is working on a PhD in music technology at McGill University, unveiled the Womba, a device that is strapped across a pregnant woman's stomach to translate her fetus' kicks and other movements into music. Pon said she…

World’s smallest phone unveiled in UK

NEW YORK: An entrepreneur has launched the world’s smallest phone, which weighs just 13 grams and has a 0.49 inch OLED screen with a resolution of 64 x 12 pixels. The The Zanco Tiny T1 is even smaller than Zanco’s previous model which was 20 grams but the T1, he says ‘makes that one look like a brick’. It’s feared the new generation of micro mobiles could be smuggled into prisons without detection. The last model was known as the ‘Fly’ and is just 2.75 inches tall – so small it fits in the palm of your hand. But…

China unveils its J-20 fighter jet at air show

BEIJING: Two of China's secretive J-20 warplanes swept over a gasping crowd at the Zhuhai air show Tuesday, potent symbols of Beijing's aspirations to military might.   The fighters were not announced on the schedule and appeared in the sky just after a colourful aerobatics show by the People's Liberation Army Air Force. With no fanfare but an abrupt announcement by the master of ceremonies, the dark, powerful jets rumbled side by side over the sun-baked spectators. Two minutes later one blasted vertically into the sky…