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US top court upholds Trump travel ban targeting Muslim-majority nations

WASHINGTON: The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday handed Donald Trump one of the biggest victories of his presidency, upholding his travel ban targeting several Muslim-majority countries and rejecting the argument that it represented unconstitutional religious discrimination. The 5-4 ruling, with the conservative justices in the majority and the liberal justices dissenting, ended a fierce fight in the courts over whether the policy amounted to an unlawful Muslim ban while confirming broad presidential powers over immigration…

India’s top court upholds death penalty in Delhi gang rape case

NEW DELHI: India's top court on Friday upheld death sentences against four men who fatally gang raped a woman on board a bus in 2012, a crime that sparked widespread protests and drew international attention to violence against women. Applause broke out in court among relatives of the victim - whose identity is protected by law - as judges explained the crime met the "rarest of the rare" standard required to justify capital punishment in India. "It's a barbaric crime and it has shaken the society's conscience," Justice…