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Sony Pictures accidentally uploaded entire film instead of trailer on YouTube

LOS ANGELES: Someone in Sony must be facing expulsion after they accidentally uploaded the whole film instead of the movie trailer on Youtube. It seems that the power to press the "Publish" button just became the biggest downfall in this employee's career. It is as Spiderman says; Someone attempting to put up the one-minute 40-second trailer for forthcoming movie Khali the Killer accidentally sent the entire film into the world instead. we'vee all complained when a trailer spoils the best bit in a film well,…

Facebook to notify users when photos of them are uploaded

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook said on Tuesday it would begin using facial recognition technology to tell people on the social network when others upload photos of them, if they agree to let the company keep a facial template on file. The company said in a statement that it was making the feature optional to allow people to protect their privacy, but that it thought some people would want to be notified of pictures they might not otherwise know about. The feature would not immediately be available in Canada and the European…