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US Democrats

As Trump says Putin ‘not my enemy’, skeptics in US see danger

WASHINGTON: In preparing for his first summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Donald Trump has provoked a rare agreement among Democrats and Republicans alarmed by the possibility of a cozy meeting. While Republican President Trump has gone softer on Putin, calling him a “competitor” and “not my enemy” on Thursday, lawmakers from both parties hardened their warnings to Trump before he sits down with the Russian leader in Helsinki on Monday. “Putin is not America’s friend, nor merely a competitor.…

US Democrats accept compromise to end government shutdown

WASHINGTON: The US Senate on Monday reached a deal to reopen the federal government, with Democrats accepting a compromise spending bill to end days of partisan bickering that forced hundreds of thousands of government employees to stay home without pay. The impasse, the first of its kind since 2013, cast a huge shadow over the first anniversary on Saturday of President Donald Trump's inauguration. The Senate was poised to pass the compromise, but the shutdown will only end formally once the House of Representatives…