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US Dollar rate today

US dollar soars to all-time high Rs138

KARACHI: The US dollar rate has escalated to Rs 138 against Pakistani rupee in the interbank market on Tuesday. The US dollar showed an upward trend by Rs11.70 as market opened today, however, the rate was Rs124.25 when the market closed on Monday. This high rate of US dollar has created an uncertain behavior in the market. According to experts, such inclination in the US dollar rate against Pakistani rupee is an impact of government's decision to approach the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in order to handle the…

Rupee rate falls to 125 against US dollar in Kerb market

KARACHI: The Pakistani rupee dropped to its lowest level against the US dollar in the Kerb market in seven weeks, it is now trading at Rs125 against US dollar on Wednesday. It is observed that this is the outcome of the meeting held earlier this week between Asad Umar, finance minister and the currency exchange dealers. Pakistani economy is facing various challenges due to external factors, resulting in deficit of foreign exchange reserves. However, the latest government is geared up for a plan to delineate on the…

Pakistani Rupee appreciated by 0.68% against US Dollar

KARACHI: US Dollar shows continuous downward trend by losing its value against Pakistani rupee since last week of July 2018. This US dollar trend creates a positive pitch for Pakistani rupee as it appreciates resulting in ample inflows of US Dollars. It is observed that US dollars buying and selling rate has massive difference, almost the difference is up to Rs16. On Tuesday, the open market dealers were trading US dollars in the range of Rs108 to Rs122 (buying) and the selling was done at Rs122 to Rs124. ALSO READ: …