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US dollar rate

US Dollar rate remains constant at the year end 2018

KARACHI: The US dollar is traded a bit above Rs139 against the Pakistani rupee for the fifth time when the market opened on Monday, which indicates that US dollar remains stable for exchange rates in the most unpredictable year of 2018.  According to market check, the dollar was being traded in the bracket of Rs139 to Rs140 for almost more than two weeks, but had not revealed any foremost variation as of the rest of the year. However, in the outgoing year, it is observed that the US dollar elevated by Rs4 or more in a…

US Dollar down by 17 paisa in interbank market

KARACHI: The rate of US dollar on Wednesday was observed as Rs132.50 after a plunge of 17 paisa in interbank market. The US dollar is traded at the rate of Rs132.50 after the fall is observed . The buying price of US dollar is Rs131.50, however, the selling price is Rs133.50. Furthermore, on 6th November, the gold price showed amplification of Rs 750 to Rs 60500 per tola. The gold cost as per 10 grams was boosted by Rs 631 to Rs 51853. In the meantime, the gold price monitored in the global market augmented by $4 to…

Rupee down against US dollar, plunged to two month low of Rs126

KARACHI: The Pakistani rupee showed turn down, as it plunged to two months low in the open market on Friday, traded at Rs 126 against US dollar. According to sources, dealers supposed that such decline is the result of news that International Monetary Fund (IMF) had recommended further downgrading of the rupee. The Pakistani rupee closed trading on Friday from the range of Rs126.10-Rs126.80 against the US dollar in the open market, as compared to Thursday where it had closed at the range of Rs125.50-Rs125.80.…