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Rupee value- US Dollar weakens by 21paisa

KARACHI: The US dollar showed a downward trend and is recorded at Rs127.90 on Friday morning after decreasing by 21 paisa in interbank market. This dollar value is based on the escalating inclination the previous day at the Karachi Stock…

Dollar traded at elevated price in open market

KARACHI: The US dollar is being sold at Rs4 to Rs5 higher in the open market compared to the exchange rates set by the money exchange associations, as the elections are round the corner, it is effecting foreign currency trading. The buying…

Pakistani rupee hits record low at Rs 130

KARACHI: Pakistani rupee once again depreciated today, as US dollar strikes to Rs130 in the open market breaking all high records. It is observed that US dollar is in the state of gaining Rs0.30 further against Pakistani rupee. The latest…