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US man

US man gifted Ford by his boss for walking 32 kms for first day of work

MIAMI: Young Walter Carr did not want to miss his first day of work as a mover. So when his car broke down and he was unable to find a ride, he set off walking -- a distance of 20 miles (32 kilometers).  A long night and two very sore feet later, things turned out OK for the 20-year-old Carr: his new boss found out what Carr had done and gave him the keys to his own car, a Ford Escape. The story went viral on social media after the Alabama woman who had called boss Luke Marklin's company for help moving, Jenny Lamey,…

US man arrested for holding woman chained confesses to seven killings

WASHINGTON: A man who was arrested in the US state of South Carolina for holding a woman hostage and "chained like a dog" has confessed to up to seven killings, a local sheriff said. Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright told a press conference late Saturday that warrants were issued charging Todd Christopher Kohlhepp with a quadruple murder that baffled police and investigators for 13 years. Wright said that the suspect had also shown authorities two gravesites on his vast property, in addition to one body dug up…