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US President Barack Obama

Obama says goodbye to world stage after eight years

LIMA, PERU: US President Barack Obama bid farewell to the world stage Sunday, pondering his legacy, offering advice to his successor and discussing his post-presidential life at the end of his final foreign tour. His historic presidency and charisma have made Obama a rock star on the international scene, even at times when the daily grind of politics dimmed the glow around his election as the United States' first black president in 2008. Obama spoke to both the American people and the world as he gave his final…

US puts military options back on the table in Syria

WASHINGTON: Obama administration officials have begun considering tougher responses to the Russian-backed Syrian government assault on Aleppo, including military options, as rising tensions with Moscow diminish hopes for diplomatic solutions from the Middle East to Ukraine and cyberspace, US officials said on Wednesday.

Drones killed 64 to 116 civilians since 2009, claims US

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES: The White House on Friday lifted the lid on one of the most controversial tactics of President Barack Obama's secretive counter-terror campaign, detailing for the first time the number killed in air strikes in countries like Pakistan and Libya.