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US Presidential Elections

Congress begins Russia hacking probe, Trump still sceptical of US intelligence

WASHINGTON: Senior US intelligence officials will testify in Congress on Thursday on Russia's alleged cyber attacks during the 2016 election campaign, even as President-elect Donald Trump casts doubt on intelligence agencies' findings that Moscow orchestrated the hacks. The hearings come a day before Trump is due to be briefed by intelligence agency chiefs on hacks that targeted the Democratic Party. Trump is heading for a conflict over the issue with Democrats and fellow Republicans in Congress, many of whom are wary…

US Republicans nominate Donald Trump for president

CLEVELAND, UNITED STATES: Republicans formally chose Donald Trump as the party's presidential nominee Tuesday, a landmark moment in American politics and a stunning victory for a man whose White House ambitions were once openly mocked.

Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders win Wisconsin

WASHINGTON: Republican Ted Cruz and Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders snatched victories in the crucial Wisconsin presidential primary Tuesday, sending a message to frontrunners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that their march to the nominations are not foregone conclusions.