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US State

US state says it will use nitrogen gas for executions

WASHINGTON: The US state of Oklahoma plans to become the first in the country to use nitrogen gas to execute condemned prisoners, law enforcement officials announced Wednesday.  The state intends to adopt the new execution method as prison officials are unable to acquire the necessary drugs for lethal injections -- the method currently employed by all American states that carry out the death penalty. States have struggled to obtain lethal injection drugs as manufacturers and suppliers increasingly have shunned them…

US state launches probe of Google’s business practices

CALIFORNIA: Google was facing a broad investigation into its business practices Monday, with American officials planning to examine how the internet giant handles user data and offers up search results. Attorney General Josh Hawley of the state of Missouri issued an investigative subpoena to determine whether the company's actions violated state antitrust and consumer protection laws. The subpoena seeks information about Google's use of the vast trove of data it collects, including information harvested from devices,…

US state police arrest joker dressed as ‘Batman villain’

VIRGINIA: Police in the US State Virginia have arrested a man dressed as Batman villain ‘The Joker’, scaring people in the neighborhood. Police received several calls about him walking around with a sword. The Winchester Police Department said its Emergency Communications Center received several calls about a "suspicious male" dressed as The Joker -- specifically, the incarnation played by Heath Ledger in 2008's The Dark Knight -- walking along city roads while wearing a black cape and carrying a sword. The man…