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US Woman

US woman charged with using Bitcoin to finance Daesh

NEW YORK: US prosecutors have charged a New York woman with using Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies to send funds to the Islamic State group, also known as Daesh. Zoobia Shahnaz, 27, was arrested at her Long Island home on Thursday for sending over $150,000 through shell accounts in China, Pakistan and Turkey to benefit IS extremists, according to AFP. Other reports quote the Justice Department as saying that much of the money came from bank loans and credit cards. With that, she bought $62,000 worth of Bitcoin and…

US woman found ‘chained like a dog’ inside container

WASHINGTON: A woman missing since August was found Thursday chained up "like a dog" in a padlocked metal container in rural South Carolina, officials said. Kala Brown, 30, was discovered inside a shipping container after police heard a banging sound when they arrived at a property in the town of Woodruff with a search warrant. Todd Kohlhepp, a registered sex offender who owned the property, was arrested, CNN and WYFF reported. "It was pretty emotional, to say the least, when she was found. Especially, you know, when…