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Usman Dar

Usman Dar, born on 28 August 1974 in Sialkot, is an entrepreneur by profession, a mensch by nature, a patriot by heart and a responsible citizen by action. He is affiliated with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf and is considered as one of the influential personalities in Sialkot.

He is the son of Imtiaz-ud-Din Dar, an active politician who has previously served as City Nazim of Sialkot. His elder brother, Umer Dar is a senior member of PTI. His dedication in studies led him to attaining Bachelors in Business Administration from Germany, and Masters in Business Administration from the United Kingdom.

He ran for the seat of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab as an independent candidate from Constituency PP-122 (Sialkot-II) in 2008 Pakistani general election but was unsuccessful. He received 166 votes and lost the seat to Chaudhry Muhammad Akhlaq.

On 10 October 2018, Prime Minister Imran Khan appointed Dar as Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme. On 12 October, a resolution was submitted in the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab against the appointment of Dar due to his dubious degree.

The resolution also noted that appointment was “clear violation of merit and unacceptable as he had suffered a massive defeat in the general elections”.