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Utah becomes first US state to allow ‘free-range parenting’

LOS ANGELES: Utah has become the first US state to allow children to roam free and take part in unsupervised activities under a "Free Range Parenting" law that went into effect on Tuesday. The state's governor in March signed a bill that protects parents from being prosecuted for child neglect if they allow their kids to do things on their own. That includes playing outside without adult supervision, taking part in certain activities or walking to school alone. The new legislation, adopted unanimously by lawmakers,…

WATCH: Jeep filmed driving up vertical rock in unbelievable stunt

An astonishing moment a jeep slowly crawls up an enormous near-vertical rock is going viral and creating an internet stir. In this incredible video the 4x4 seems to defy the laws of gravity as it effortlessly drives up at a 90-degree angle. The jeep is seen scaling the wall in Sand Hollow State Park, Utah. The vehicle is driven straight up and somehow manages to get all the way to the top and safely over the edge. Chuck Converse says he owes the ease in which he was able to do this to the sandpaper like terrain of…

US state declares pornography public health crisis

LOS ANGELES: Utah became the first US state Tuesday to formally declare pornography a public health crisis, in a move backed by Republicans, seeking to shield its citizens from an "epidemic" of addictive sexual content.