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Earth’s intact forests vanishing at accelerating pace: scientists

PARIS: Earth's intact forests shrank by an area larger than Austria every year from 2014 to 2016 at a 20 percent faster rate than during the previous decade, scientists said Wednesday as the UN unveiled an initiative to harness the "untapped potential" of the land sector to fight climate change. Despite a decades-long effort to halt deforestation, nearly 10 percent of undisturbed forests have been fragmented, degraded or simply chopped down since 2000, according to the analysis of satellite imagery. Average daily loss…

WATCH: Woman mysteriously vanishes during live TV broadcast

COPENHAGEN: Footage of a woman at an airport chatting to fellow travellers, and vanishing seconds later into thin air, has baffled the viewers. The woman turns to grab her suitcase from the conveyor belt... and vanishes into thin air without warning. What was that? The clip, which is months old, showing precisely that happening live on Danish television has left people’s heads spinning. During an interview at an airport on the SportsCenter show on Denmark’s TV channel, a woman to the left of the frame in the…