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Boris Johnson to be probed for burqa comments: source

LONDON: Former UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson will be investigated for a possible breach of the Conservative Party’s code of conduct after making comments about Muslim women who wear burqas, a party source said on Thursday. The source said a number of complaints had been received and would be considered by an independent panel. A spokesman for the party declined to confirm the investigation. “The code of conduct process is strictly confidential,” he said in a statement. The source said a number of complaints had…

Spanish Muslim student wins fight to study with veil

While the issue has been a subject of debate in Spain, there is currently no law banning any kind of veil in public places -- not even the face-covering burka or niqab like in neighbouring France. The exclusion of Takwa Rejeb from class generated unease in a country where Muslims represent around four percent of the 46.5-million-strong population. "I am more than happy because the only thing I wanted was to exercise my right to study," said Rejeb, 23, born in the eastern city of Valencia from Tunisian parents. "I am not a…

Women not required to cover faces under Sharia, says CII

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's top religious body has said women are not required to cover their faces, hands or feet under Islamic Sharia law, a rare judgement from the conservative council of clerics seen as "encouraging" by rights activists Tuesday.