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Venezuela is one of the richest country located in south America. It has the largest known oil reserved in the world and its democratic government once praised worldwide. but today Venezuela democratic institutions and its economy is collapsing each day even went to worst now a day. The country has the highest inflation rate in the world making food & medicines inaccessible to the citizens.

Over the last three years its GDP has fallen to 35% which is the sharper drop than the one seen during the great depression in the US and the country murder rate has passed one of the most dangerous cities in the world. These conditions have spark months of protest against the president Nicolas Maduro and easy to see why.

The country has become miserably worst since its election in 2013. A poll shows that 83% people wants Maduro to be removed from the office but instead the opposite has happened, Maduro consolidated his power brining the country closer to authoritarian rule.