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Can you spot snake in this viral picture?

Optical illusions are sometimes very interesting but they might cause you ‘distress’ as well, because of your repeated failure in solving it. A similar picture is going viral on the internet with a snake camouflaged in it and people are literally failing to spot it. In fact, it does not just have a snake, but its eggs too, have gone viral after many people failed to find it. Uploaded on Facebook by a page called Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, seemingly made by a community of snake catchers in Queensland, a photo showing a…

Can you spot a dog in this viral picture?

Mind-blogging puzzles are sometimes very difficult to solve, but they certainly stir you with interest. A picture is going rounds on the internet with a dog hidden in it and people are going crazy in a struggle to find it. The unimpressive picture shows a big fridge, a white door, dustbin sink and few other kitchen utensils, and no living being is to be found. But within the premises of the tidy room, a doggy has almost perfectly camouflaged itself somewhere in this kitchen. Tickling the Sherlock Homles in all, the…

Kareena’s son Taimur spotted playing on swing at home

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan's little son is an expert at being adorable. Taimur was spotted in a swing on the balcony of their Mumbai residence. And media was too quick to make it a TV fodder. Neither Kareena nor Saif was spotted around him but he was well supervised by the nanny he's often spotted with and other helpers. Taimur is just getting accustomed to the attention and appears to be aware of the presence of the paparazzi around him. In the pictures, he can be seen looking down at the cameras from the…